Zirconium is a metal from the same family as titanium and displays the same grayish colour in its natural state, but zirconium jewellery can be also be a white lustrous metal when polished. One of the most fascinating properties to zirconium is its ability to change colour when exposed to high temperatures. When it is heat treated it forms a deep silky black oxide coating that is extremely scratch resistant and has all the same hypoallergenic qualities of titanium. This wonderful black coating around zirconium rings also allows laser etching to make the most unique designs. Although zirconium rings are nearly as strong as titanium they are still prone to scratching against other hard metals objects or diamonds, for this reason we recommend removal of rings before commencing any manual labour. Zirconium rings also make great wedding and civil partnership rings for durability and as a unique choice to traditional precious metals such as silver or gold. Black Zirconium is extremely hard  and rates around an 8 on the MOHS scale, which is of similar hardness to that of a Ruby and Sapphire.
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